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PowerBall Results for 2023

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PowerBall Results for 2022

View all the PowerBall results below, including the winning numbers for every draw that took place in that time. You can also see how much the jackpot was worth in each draw. To view more results of PowerBall, choose a date from the list below, or visit the PowerBall Results page to view the winning numbers from the most recent draws.

Draw DateDraw NumberResultsJackpot
Tuesday, 07 February 202313783 4 23 32 49 8R11,880,809
Friday, 03 February 2023137717 32 35 42 43 6R6,190,893
Tuesday, 31 January 2023137612 14 17 29 50 20R32,713,559
Friday, 27 January 2023137527 34 36 40 50 2R26,793,609
Tuesday, 24 January 202313743 10 32 40 48 2R20,274,209
Friday, 20 January 202313735 12 15 39 47 8R15,059,973
Tuesday, 17 January 202313721 9 37 38 39 5R10,039,480
Friday, 13 January 2023137112 19 25 29 41 2R5,347,288
Tuesday, 10 January 202313708 22 27 37 50 9R72,989,769
Friday, 06 January 202313696 20 31 37 46 4R66,945,005
Tuesday, 03 January 202313682 21 33 39 42 11R60,210,884
PowerBall Results for 2023

About PowerBall

Since the initial PowerBall draw on Friday, October 23, 2009, PowerBall has outperformed the more traditional Lotto and Lotto Plus lotteries by awarding the largest lottery jackpots in South African history. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that millions of potential PowerBall winners verify their tickets against the drawn numbers on Tuesday and Friday nights in the hopes of becoming the next PowerBall millionaire. Such a high amount of jackpot, we believe it deserves the moniker “millionaire maker”! You can view PowerBall Results 2023 above easily

How to check PowerBall Results 2023?

Today’s PowerBall results are given above in the start. You can easily check here. Additionally, You can view results for yesterday and complete history of Powerball here just by clicking on above button “PowerBall Result / Winners for 2023 Complete“.

How to Play PowerBall

There are various ways to take part in PowerBall. Find out how to play the lottery, including step-by-step instructions for buying tickets in-store and online, plus details of the alternative platforms that are available.
1. You can also enter SA PowerBall game over the internet.
2. You can play by visiting any National Lottery retailer and buying tickets.
3. Several of South Africa’s major banks – First National Bank (FNB), Nedbank and Standard Bank – have partnered with the National Lottery to give you the chance to play PowerBall through their websites and smartphone apps. You have to be a member of the bank to take part via this method.

What is the ticket price?

A single PowerBall play will cost you R5.00 vat incl. You can play as many boards as you want. Check PowerBall Detail ticket price by clicking given button.

What time is PowerBall Drawn?

The table below shows the draw times and cut-off times for SA PowerBall. These times are approximate and are subject to change at the discretion of the Ithuba National Lottery operator, however tickets must be purchased prior to the end of sales for each draw. Otherwise, you will not be able to enter and will have to wait until the next draw. PowerBall timings are same whole and played daily year except Christmas day.

GameDraw DaysDraw TimeSales Cut-Off
PowerBallTuesday and Friday21:0020:30
Powerball Timing

What are the odds of PowerBall winning prize?

There are 42,375,200 different combinations that one can play when choosing 5 out of 50 numbers and 1 out of 20 numbers. The order of matching the numbers does not matter in relation to how they are selected.
Here are the odds of winning a prize on PowerBall:

Division NameWinning RulesOdd’s% of total winning pool
Division 1Match 5 + PowerBall42,375,20026.14%
Division 2Match 52,230,2741.92%
Division 3Match 4 + PowerBall188,3341.20%
Division 4Match 49,9122.04%
Division 5Match 3 + PowerBall4,2803.30%
Division 6Match 32251.92%
Division 7Match 2 + PowerBall2991.44%
Division 8Match 1 + PowerBall57R15.00 FIXED
Division 9Match PowerBall35R10.00 FIXED

Chances of winning and PowerBall payouts?

Since the size of the prize pool depends on how many PowerBall tickets are sold for the draw and prior rollover amounts, it is impossible to know for sure until after the PowerBall draw. However, to give you an idea of how much you could win when matching anything from simply the PowerBall to matching 5 balls plus the PowerBall – Jackpot – we’ve examined prior PowerBall draws and estimated the average amount won.
Additionally, the jackpot accounts for 42% of the entire prize pool as opposed to Lotto’s 18%. Therefore, if you win the PowerBall jackpot, you may anticipate winning an average of R 22,000,000 as opposed to R 6,000,000 with Lotto.
The PowerBall itself, as the name of the lottery suggests, is frequently the secret to success. If you get this right, you have a strong chance of winning because the PowerBall has been a factor in more than 78% of victories since October 2009.

How to win PowerBall?

You will be added to the ever-expanding list of PowerBall jackpot millionaires if you have every winning combination, including the PowerBall.
Although PowerBall jackpot odds are higher than those of Lotto or Lotto Plus, if you do win, you’ll win big. PowerBall is the largest lottery in South Africa, with an average jackpot payout of more than R 22,000,000. 90% of PowerBall jackpot winners are single-ticket winners, unlike Lotto winners, who split their prize with someone else.

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