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PowerBall Number Generator

PowerBall Number Generator

To generate your own random set of six numbers from 1 to 50 for your upcoming Powerball entry, utilise this PowerBall Number Generator.
You can run the generator as many times as necessary until you are satisfied with the options shown to you.
To begin, click the ‘Generate Numbers’ button below.


Please be aware that using PowerBall Number Generator does not automatically qualify you for Lotto prizes or count as an entry into the game.
To be eligible to win prizes in the PowerBall, you must purchase an entry.

How to Play National Lottery?

QUICK PICK OPTION: You can play the PowerBall / PowerBall Plus game by choosing a Quick Pick option where the Lottery processing system randomly chooses 6 lucky numbers for you. OR Or you can check complete details on How to Play PowerBall below:
There are various ways to take part in lotteries in South Africa, regardless of the game you are playing. Find out how to play the National lottery, including step-by-step instructions for buying tickets in-store and online, plus details of the alternative platforms that are available.
1. You can also enter SA lottery games over the internet.
2. You can play by visiting any National Lottery retailer and buying tickets.
3. Several of South Africa’s major banks – First National Bank (FNB), Nedbank and Standard Bank – have partnered with the National Lottery to give you the chance to play games through their websites and smartphone apps. You have to be a member of the bank to take part via this method. For more details about how to play, Click the button below for each game.

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