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Daily Lotto Results 1412 Monday 23 January 2023

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Daily Lotto Results for Today Monday 23 January 2023

South Africa Daily Lotto results for today are posted here at 21:00, immediately after the draws happen. The most recent winning numbers can be shown here. Check the prize money awarded and the number of winners. If you want to view the outcomes of draws, See Today’s Daily Lotto Results below:

23 January 2023 Draw Number: 1412

Daily Lotto Results 1412 Monday 23 January 2023

Drawn order number: 16 25 4 27 19

Jackpot for this draw: R362,390

Daily Lotto Winners Monday 23 January 2023

Prize DivisionPrize AmountWinnersTotal Prize Fund
Div 1 – Match 5R181,195.002R362,390.00
Div 2 – Match 4R315.00265R83,475.00
Div 3 – Match 3R20.008,359R167,180.00
Div 4 – Match 2R4.9082,135R402,461.50
Total Sales: R2,035,89990,761R1,015,506.50
Daily Lotto Winners 23 January 2023

How to check Daily Lotto Results?

Daily Lotto results for today is given above in the start. You can easily check results here. Additionally, You can view daily lotto results for yesterday and complete history here just by scrolling up.

How to play Daily Lotto?

You can play the DAILY LOTTO game by choosing a Quick Pick option where the lottery processing system randomly chooses 5 lucky numbers for you. or you can view complete details on how to play daily lotto by clicking the button below.

What is the ticket price of Daily Lotto?

A single ticket of DAILY LOTTO play will cost you R3.00 VAT incl. You can check complete ticket price by clicking button below

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